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The Global Brigades experience profoundly affects all participants. Its impact, however, creates its own challenge for volunteers. Students returning home often have feelings of guilt and conflict. In Honduras, sixty percent live in poverty; It is apparent within minutes of the airport as one travels through Tegucigalpa and witnesses the shanties built on the hills in the city. Students find it difficult to reconcile their own comforts and conveniences with the poverty encountered in the city and villages in which they served. The advisors to these student groups contemplated an approach for helping students cope with their feelings. They concluded that the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises presented an opportunity for creating a program that would enable all student participants in the brigades to embrace their experience and return with an understanding as to how they can proactively use their new-found or reinforced passion to serve others. Contributors: Samantha Dodd Angie Macias Rosalia Mahr Kristen Ward Laura Abing Maria Pares-Toral



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