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Seeing the words of Laudato Si’ as a call to action, we are engaging students in Ignatian Pedagogy for Sustainability through a series of community-based projects with the goal of client-focused sustainable energy solutions and associated dialogue. We outline the development of a purpose-created Energy Technology undergraduate program housed in the College of Arts and Sciences at Creighton University, born from Ignatian Sensibilities, and highlight the role of client engagement to engross students in a client-focused design process to deliver sustainable energy initiatives that become practically feasible with student leadership. For the senior capstone of this program, students engage in a year-long Energy Innovation course that brings together students with assorted clients, various stakeholders and diverse sustainable energy-related projects. We argue that such tangible experiences are a prerequisite to understanding motivating factors for clients to make sustainable energy decisions. Concurrently, while considering the Ignatian Pedagogical paradigm for Sustainability, students clearly understand the practical barriers to implementing actual sustainable energy solutions as all invested parties work towards contentment with the delivered solutions.



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