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Sean Hagerty, S.J., is completing his scholastic studies at Saint Louis University (SLU). Before joining the Jesuits in 2012, he served in the U.S. Army, where he was deployed to Diyala Province, Iraq, commanded a forward observer team, and served as second in command of an infantry company. After finishing his military service, Hagerty began work in the beer industry. He was a star manager when he decided to leave the corporate world and enter the Society of Jesus.

During the events of Occupy SLU, an American flag was hung upside down and dragged through the mud in the center of the protestors’ encampment. In his article, Hagerty reflects on his role as a Jesuit and a veteran who participated with a group of SLU veterans, and on the group’s consideration of flag desecration, deliberating with veterans familiar with soldiers who were sent home from far-away lands with the flag draped over their coffin.



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