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Mentorship plays a major role in engaging faculty and supporting their development and growth within an academic institution. In order to support new faculty members’ success and belonging, the host institution piloted the Faculty Formation Program during the 2022-2023 academic year. The foundation of this mentorship program is based on Jesuit and Mercy values that align with the mission of the university. The program has engaged new and seasoned faculty in shared conversations about their roles as faculty members and their place in Jesuit and Mercy higher education. This paper articulates the foundation and characteristics of high-impact mentorship and describes how a mission-centered mentoring program was implemented at the host institution, along with lessons learned and future program enhancements. The paper also offers faculty members’ reflections on their relationship to Catholic higher education and how working in a Jesuit and Mercy institution informs their roles as faculty. The Faculty Formation Program can be adapted by other mission-focused institutions as a tool for faculty development and retention.



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