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Today’s youth are often interested in how they can work toward social justice, not just in their spare time, but also as part of their educations and careers. This includes students who are drawn to the social justice missions of Jesuit colleges and universities. In 2020, the COVID-19 public health crisis disrupted education and career plans, placing major obstacles along young adults’ pathways. Guided by the Engagement of Hope theoretical model, the current study examines student supports and how they may facilitate hope and learning. Mixed methods data were collected from five undergraduate students from a Jesuit university in a Midwestern city, using in-depth interviews and an online survey conducted in 2021. The findings reveal that students depicted their hopes for later careers, described learning numerous skills, used a wide array of college supports, and discussed the role of families in their education and career pathways. The authors reflect on adaptations made to student supports during the pandemic and on how student service programs at Jesuit institutions might continue to evolve in the post-pandemic era.



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