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The authors share foundational texts and topics of engagement that led to an event called: “Stories with Strangers: A Community Building Library at Regis University.” The event was named, “Stories with Strangers” to highlight the “stories” of lived experience as well as the importance of sharing those stories with “strangers” to grow understanding, build relationships, and establish shared values with each other, with the hope of creating a common good. The texts and topics of engagement that led to the event are shared, including: the concept of the “common good” and in particular, David Hollenbach’s The Common Good and Christian Ethics; the field of Library and Information Studies (LIS) and in particular, racism in the field; the AJCU Eyes to See: An Anti-Racism Examen; Danielle Allen’s Talking to Strangers; and The Human Library model. The authors also share details of planning for the event, details of the event itself, feedback from participants, and the authors’ reflections on the event. In sharing details of the formation and impact of this event, the authors hope to provide an instance of imagining the impossible, taking root in hope, and growing that vision into a reality.



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