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Hope and imagination are foundational to a Jesuit education, and as central tenets, inform teaching and learning through Ignatian pedagogy. The authors explore hope and imagination in the Jesuit context through the lens of scholar-practitioner inquiry, drawing from the local context and practice of an Ignatian design thinking course as a source of knowledge. This inquiry approach is rooted in practice-based research, and situates scholarly exploration through lines of inquiry and problems of practice, specifically exploring how design thinking fosters curiosity and creates space for teaching imagination and hope. The authors draw on their teaching experiences, course design, and professional experience as educators at Loyola University Chicago, providing practical pedagogical strategies offered in the Ignatian design thinking course. As they explore how hope and imagination intersect with design thinking, they scaffold hope and imagination as essential pedagogical strategies for teaching and learning in the Jesuit tradition, providing a foundation for numerous praxis and scholarship articles that comprise this special issue. Through this inquiry, the authors propose a framework linking curiosity, imagination, and hope, which all play a distinct role in Jesuit education, leading to a call to action for further research and exploration around this topic.



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