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This chapter shares assessment results from a 4-year undergraduate Ignatian Leadership program. The Dean’s Fellows program consists of several curricular and co-curricular elements, including cohort-based seminars, a common summer read, an annual retreat, social and cultural activities, and a concluding leadership immersion experience. Learning formats throughout the four years included lectures, small and large group discussions, and workshops. For the immersion experience, the Dean’s Fellows participated in preparatory lectures that included information on cultural intelligence, anticipatory reflection, Ignatian Leadership, and discernment, as well as topical information. In order to ensure and improve program outcomes, assessment processes were developed, and data included both quantitative and qualitative measures. Rothausen (2017) provided a theoretical framework that aligns secular leadership development models with Ignatian Leadership. Unfortunately, validated measures of Ignatian Leadership do not exist to date. To address this limitation, we utilized instruments drawn from the field of leadership studies that logically approximate values and practices found within the Ignatian Leadership paradigm. We also conducted a focus group with students completing the 4-year experience and collected pre- and post- program reflection papers. Results from both quantitative and qualitative approaches along with both practical and pedagogical suggestions are offered for those seeking to build a similar program.



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