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The struggles and stressors that new faculty members face has been well documented, but during our first year at a Jesuit institution, we encountered unexpected, unprecedented challenges. Fortunately, we developed a unique sense of community as new faculty stemming from Regis University’s Manresa Experience. The Manresa Experience exposed us to Jesuit Values, provided networking opportunities with colleagues, and introduced a togetherness that would help unite us against two unforgiving viruses. The first virus plagued Regis University in Fall 2019, when a cyberattack crippled our entire network security. As new faculty members, we were unable to utilize valuable resources that would normally aid in our successful transition to a new university. Almost immediately following this cyberattack, Regis University faced the tremendous challenges surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic, which forced us to transition our team-based learning pedagogy into an online platform within a matter of days. The Manresa Experience and Jesuit Values supported us in unexpected ways despite these extraordinary circumstances. Individually, we experienced the challenges in our own unique context. Together, we found peace amidst the turmoil and success amongst the chaos as we all relied on the Jesuit values and our support system created by the Manresa Experience.



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