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Institutions of higher learning are challenged and encouraged to guide students in finding their vocation while developing well-rounded, informed and engaged citizens. Outside the traditional classroom exists a myriad of real-life co-curricular opportunities. for students to explore. To accomplish the task of holistic student development, faculty and staff must spark cross-functional dialogue. Educators must desire better partnerships that remain steadfastly focused on the common goal of the development of students. To better enable students to integrate the academic and social support available to the, we can help them understand how academic and student affairs work in tandem.[i] Student Affairs Educators informed by Ignatian pedagogy are as empowered as faculty to call students to the waters of self-discovery. This can be a place where students discover their passions, develop their skills and talents, and understand the ways to integrate these experiences and share them with the world in meaningful ways. This article provides readers an understanding of key strategies, program development and intentional engagement that showcase the work a Student Affairs Educator does to further the Ignatian mission.

[i] C. Casey Ozaki & Anne M. Hornak, “Excellence Within Student Affairs: Understanding the Practice of Integrating Academic and Student Affairs,” New Directions for Community Colleges 2014, no. 166 (2014): 79- 84.



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