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Advancing education in marginalized communities has been more difficult compared to more privileged communities due to the lack of infrastructure, which in part results in an absence of educational materials. The BlueBox Project was created to minimize this divide by bringing a wealth of information to these communities. Using a small digital computer, faculty, staff, and students across many disciplines built the BlueBox, a stand-alone digital library which hosts an array of books, articles, educational games, and videos to inspire learning in a variety of subjects including science, technology, math, music, and literature. The BlueBox is powered by solar energy, battery, or power outlets and is accessible without the need for Internet access. An academic service-learning practicum course was developed as part of The BlueBox Project to enhance students’ discipline-specific knowledge and create a dialogue surrounding development, poverty, culture, social injustice, and service. This innovative course has led to many partnerships and technological enhancements that will improve the project and ultimately change the lives of people around the world.



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