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The Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL) program offers transformational learning through institutional partnerships that grant academic degrees to students at the margins of society. Ignatian principles and pedagogy are applied within online coursework. Teaching anthropology within this diverse, intercultural learning environment required artful language and narrative approaches to create a trusting environment in which to discuss challenging concepts. The place of hope in students’ lives was underscored in this process that describes how teaching is a practice of accompaniment. Providing educational platforms and mentoring to students living in the margins requires an adapted online learning environment as well as a relational approach incorporating social mediation, radical presence and pedagogy. Social mediation in this context is understood in relation to transformational learning processes and how they are socially and culturally mediated. This exploratory narrative inquiry shows how technologies allow organizational collaborations as well as international university partnerships to connect students to online learning opportunities, informing future research endeavors and online learning initiatives.



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