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In the fall of 2015, four experienced healthcare clinicians met as strangers at an orientation at a Jesuit institution, Regis University. From the professions of occupational therapy, pharmacy, and physical therapy, we felt comfortable with our clinical practice in patient-centered care and our healthcare work environments. Eager to share our knowledge with our students, we needed guidance to perform the key roles of an educator such as creating a syllabus, writing test items, and advising students. As we began our careers in academia, we felt disoriented and chaotic. We directly sought structure to bridge knowledge gaps, establish a sense of community, and identify essential resources necessary for success in academia. We desired to explore our own interpretation of the Jesuit values before trying to infuse them into our teaching. Through the creation of a small professional learning group that combined emotional support and professional growth, we established a structured approach to learning the roles of a professor and found our identities as academicians. We aim to share our journey and provide recommendations for other healthcare clinicians who are inexperienced with academia in the hopes of easing the transition from clinician to educator at a Jesuit University.



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