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Creighton University College of Nursing (CON), consistent with the University mission, focuses on the unique journey of each student to seek the truths and values essential to a fulfilling human life. Inspired by this mission, the faculty of the CON decided to integrate spirituality into the one-year accelerated nursing curriculum (ANC). The diversity of the student population, along with the rigor and intensity of the program, required collaboration among nursing faculty to accomplish the integration. The ANC Integrated Spirituality Model was developed and used as an organizing framework. This model integrates the Creighton University College of Nursing selected Ignatian values as the foundation. Specific student activities involving spirituality and reflective practice were identified for each of the three semesters of the ANC to promote leveling of the student learning activities. The establishment of a reflective practice was identified to envelop the organizing framework and provide a critical tangible proficiency for support and evaluation of the integration of spirituality across the ANC curriculum and an ongoing resource for future nursing practice.



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