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Laudato Si’ emboldens every Jesuit university to become an institutional leader in moving purposefully toward a just, humane, and sustainable world. The encyclical is a remarkably visionary, comprehensive and prescient document — a truly pathbreaking call to action. It is not overtly prescriptive, rather, it invites our creative imaginations in the service of saving our planet and doing so in a manner that promotes human dignity and social justice. In the end, we embrace and consecrate the document through action, not through protracted debate. Laudato Si’ calls us to take steps that foster both survival and just sharing in a world of seven billion inhabitants. As institutions founded and nurtured on noble ideals, and now given an historic imprimatur by Pope Francis, Jesuit universities can and should find our ways to integrity on climate change and social justice — in both our words and actions. This discussion is a call for institutional leadership toward modeling and promoting individual behaviors that demonstrate our moral commitment to a just and sustainable world.



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