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Purpose: This study examined whether and how Ignatian ideals influence faculty participation in role expectations as outlined in the Faculty Self-Assessment and Professional Development Plan of Rueckert-Hartman College of Health Professions (RHCHP) at Regis University (RU). The study’s aim was fourfold: (a) determine faculty perceptions of whether and how RU’s core Ignatian values influence participation in role expectations, (b) identify desires related to further exploration of core Ignatian values, (c) identify potential needs of faculty development regarding the RU mission of guiding faculty role expectations, and (d) identify service-related activities important to faculty. Participants: Faculty and Deans were invited to participate. Method: An exploratory descriptive methodology was used. Likert scale survey data were analyzed according to qualitative content analysis and quantitative frequency measures. Results: Survey results revealed that care of the person, men and women for others, and contemplatives in action were perceived to be most influential among the faculty role expectations, while finding God in all things was perceived to be least influential. Conclusions: The faculty perceived that most Ignatian values are important to role expectations. Faculty express the need for education related to implementation of these values in their faculty roles.



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