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This essay focuses on the values of Ignatius Loyola (1491–1556) concerning the issues related to disability and how the mission of the “Conference on Disability at the Intersection of History, Culture, Religion, Gender, and Health” hosted by Marquette University embodies those values. This conference, which was first held in 2022 and planned to take place in 2025 again, serves several goals shared by Jesuit education, Catholic values and Ignatius’ philosophy. It aspires to contribute to social justice, deep thinking and reflection, and meaningful change in society. Above all, the conference is motivated by ‘service’ to humanity and thus to the Divine. It is a value-based initiative that aims to eliminate the socially constructed and thus man-made divisions and hierarchies based on material and physical characteristics. After probing into how the Disability Conference represents Ignatian values and contributes to their actualization in the society, the paper provides some examples from the conference presentations.



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