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This article discusses a two-year IRB-approved programmatic case study that measured the outcomes of merging a living-learning program (LLP) with service-learning. The study compared student survey data from four different pedagogical models, one of which was the hybrid LLP-service-learning model where service-learning students also participated in the LLP. We also interviewed instructors who used the LLP with their service-learning pedagogy. We used a one-way ANOVA and a non-parametric test to code and analyze the survey data. We used grounded theory to code and analyze interview data. Survey data revealed that the LLP-service-learning hybrid model scored the lowest of the four pedagogical models. Interview findings indicated that instructors had positive responses to the LLP-service-learning hybrid model overall but mixed responses to some aspects of that approach. Interestingly, student impressions differed from, and in some cases contradicted, instructor impressions of the LLP-service-learning hybrid model. We posit that high workload and divergent course goals likely influenced the mixed responses to the LLP-service-learning hybrid model.

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