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As the most diverse group in America’s history, the post-Millennial generation—often labeled “Gen Z,” but what I refer to as the Solidarity Generation—is emboldened by its profound care for one another, proclivity for purpose, and its interconnectivity and access to information. Generational theory provides a cyclical perspective wherein we can gain insights about societal shifts and patterns, while also illuminating how our current generation of students are at the forefront of a revolution. Here we explore trends of this emerging generation, focusing on the social justice activism of our students and young people across the globe. The Solidarity Generation’s zeal for unity and social justice, arising at a moment earlier than that of its predecessor generations, is challenging the status quo and holding institutions and people in power accountable in ways unprecedented. We in higher education have a responsibility to our students and to our future, and an extraordinary opportunity to meet the moment and be a partner in transformation.



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