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Gena Nichols

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Cath Kleier


Stephen Ray


Regis College

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Thesis - Open Access

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82 pages


At the precipice of a new era in healthcare in the developed world, one where most decisions may soon be heavily influenced by genetics, the potential for disruption in the medical field is significant. The development of CRISPR technology in recent years has much excitement and hype around its possible utilization, and rightly so, as it may hold the key to placing new long-lasting treatments in our reach, including applications to mitigate or resolve antibiotic resistance - an issue that is quickly outpacing our capacity to address it. My thesis intends to suggest a possible framework and general timeline for the development and implementation of CRISPR-based solutions to the problem of antibiotic resistance, and its possible implications in global healthcare. The thesis begins with an introduction to microbiology, then provides significant background to establish the problem of antibiotic resistance, introduces CRISPR, and suggests improvements to existing options while discussing developments in relative order of implementation. Further development of the thesis theme may lend to the development of CRISPR-based antibiotics, establishing fabrication and distribution channels, and discussing ethical challenges to access and stewardship, among other topics ripe for development.

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Spring 2018

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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