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Likarish, Dan


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MS Computer and Information Technology


School of Computer & Information Science

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Thesis - Open Access

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84 pages


This paper examines OPNET Technology, Inc's management programs, and Regis University's Academic Research Network (ARNe) needs to find out which OPNET programs can meet the needs of ARNe. The method used was to examine ARNe's needs, and research Microsoft's SMF/MOF management framework, research OPNET's program and module offerings, research OPNET's University Program, and research how OPNET's programs are used at some other universities. The research was used to create a match up between Microsoft's Service Management Functions and OPNET's programs and modules. And it was used to create a list of textbooks, labs, and lab manuals that would work with OPNET's IT Guru and Modeler in a classroom to help teach networking theory. The examination was combined with the research to create an evaluation criteria matrix from which project recommendations could be drawn. The conclusion was that the following OPNET Technology programs and modules could be of benefit to Regis University's ARNe - ACE, Automation module, Commander, DAC module, Flow Analysis module, IT Sentinel, IT Guru, NetDoctor, Report Server, and VNE Server.

Date of Award

Fall 2005

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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