First Advisor

Vieira, Paul

Second Advisor

Likarish, Daniel M.


College for Professional Studies

Degree Name

MS Systems Engineering


School of Computer & Information Science

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Number of Pages

48 pages


The Regis University Academic Research Network (ARNe) had network resources, such as VoIP, that required preservation their ability to receive near real-time forwarding treatment across the network. Quality of Service (QoS) design ideas were examined from four actual implementations described in research cases. Additionally, research involving surveys from Cisco certified professionals was examined, and Cisco technical literature was examined. Case study methodology, involving the study of multiple cases, was the primary tactic utilized in this research. Examination and triangulation of data from the research indicated that ARNe would benefit from moving forward with a basic QoS design and implementation, integrating concepts identified in the data. Additionally, data supported that a basic QoS design and implementation on ARNe would provide Computer Science and Information Science students an opportunity to more fully appreciate QoS through further research and hands-on experience.

Date of Award

Fall 2010

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado

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