First Advisor

Ramon Del Castillo

Thesis Committee Member(s)

Tenneson Woolf


College of Business and Economics

Degree Name

Master of Nonprofit Management


Anderson College of Business and Computing

Department (optional)

Interdisciplinary Studies

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Number of Pages

70 pages


The Art of Hosting is an emergent leadership model that compliments rapidly changing business needs and environments. This paper presents grounded theory on Art of Hosting components, including the Four Fold Invitation, Hobbit Tools, Five Diamonds of Participation, and Harvesting. An in-depth case study describes the use of Hosting architecture as the design for a nonprofit organization. While the Art of Hosting is effective for involving the community in discussions to co-create solutions to difficult problems, the practice does not easily facilitate a transition from discussion to action. As a framework for operating a nonprofit organization, further research is necessary to identify ways in which the Hosting practice may strengthen such a transition. As a personal leadership practice, the Art of Hosting may contribute to the organization's ability to connect within itself and its community.

Date of Award

Fall 2007

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