First Advisor

Nick Myklebust

Thesis Committee Member(s)

Lara Narcisi, J. Thomas Howe


Stephen Ray


Regis College

Degree Name


Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Number of Pages

75 pages


The common understanding of interdisciplinary work is that it is a partial merger of two related disciplines, such as history and philosophy or chemistry and biology. This understanding does not account for the interdisciplinary work possible between seemingly disparate disciplines, such as physics and poetry, and as a result this ignores the immense potential of true interdisciplinary study. Interdisciplinary work has the power to further research, better educate students, and redefine the script that dictates which people are allowed within certain disciplines, allowing for more diverse and inclusive fields of study. Zastrocky looks at metaphor in physics as a way of arguing for interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration across the science/humanities divide. This includes synthesis of research on metaphor and its implications for being a physicist, communicating as a physicist, and educating in physics. It also includes education research where Zastrocky examines the effects of poetry on the problem solving ability of introductory physics students.

Date of Award

Spring 2020

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado