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How Cultural Competency Can Change the Future of Nursing Education

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Dr. Eve Passerini


Mary Jamero


Regis College

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Thesis - Open Access

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53 pages


Being culturally competent means being able to understand your own personal biases to avoid behaviors that may be considered discriminatory. In healthcare, it also means treating patients with respect and providing optimal care regardless of their background. If patients lack the care that they need or are provided with less than optimal care, then health care disparities arise, increasing the inequalities that are already present within the health care system. At the center of this care are the nurses who interact with patients the most during their clinical session. Thus, it is vital for nurses to be culturally competent and this training should be provided at the undergraduate level to ensure that they are well-prepared when entering the workforce. This thesis highlights the methods and techniques available for optimal training and provides a new teaching model, the Culturally Connected Model of Care, that considers not only the patient’s background but the nurse's background as well.

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Spring 2020

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Denver, Colorado