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Misunderstanding, Misdiagnosis, and Misinterpretation

First Advisor

Alyse Knorr


Amy Hezel


Regis College

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Thesis - Open Access

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This piece of creative nonfiction explores chronic pain in American women. Through biased research, negligent medicine, and misinterpreted appointments, women are disenfranchised by the American medical industry. Specifically, women suffering from chronic pain face unprecedented challenges while trying to find a diagnosis or treat their pain. This thesis explores chronic pain and American medicine through the lens of nonfiction. By diving into the subjective nature of pain while working within the equally as subjective medium of nonfiction, Hart writes a story about living with an undiagnosed chronic pain condition. While presenting the faults of chronic pain treatment in America, she also presents herself to the reader. Her pursuit of truth means accepting hard truths for herself. By finally speaking truth to power, she finds ways to act as her own advocate and speak-out against this long silenced issue in American health.

Date of Award

Spring 2020

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Denver, Colorado

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Nonfiction Commons