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Dr. Scott Dimovitz


Dr. Daryl Palmer


Regis College

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Thesis - Open Access

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42 pages


The purpose of this thesis is to explore epistemological problems in various works of Gabriel García Márquez. Understanding and questioning who tells the story and who has the right to tell the story is an important question that guides this project. Through understanding important historical events of Colombia like the Banana Massacre and key events within One Hundred Years of Solitude different epistemological issues become apparent.

The question of representation and who tells the story matters because it greatly affects the story that is told. Countries and people who have been stripped or denied a voice often face challenges in gaining one or never do. This means that they are then not represented in any way. García Márquez reclaims the history of Colombia by presenting a story that had previously not been shared and therefore helps to give representation back to his own country.

Date of Award

Spring 2019