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Dr. Russ Arnold


Dr. Timothy Trenary


Regis College

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Thesis - Restricted Campus Access

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In an effort to find where confidence comes from, I created a 100- day personal project in which I completed challenges and new experiences in the hopes of understanding what fuels confidence and how it interacts with motivation to achieve my goals in daily life. I decided to divide my challenges into 4 categories: I conquered 25 fears, subjected myself to 25 days of embarrassment, and tried 25 things I have never done before. Lastly, I completed 25 ideas submitted from my community from a submission box I created in order to find out what makes other people feel confident. Some of my experiences include: flying a helicopter, sliding down a tower, and even starring in a Netflix show. In the end, I found my confidence from doing things that are uncomfortable despite not knowing what the outcomes would be.

Date of Award

Spring 2019