First Advisor

Ernest Eugster

Second Advisor

Donald J. Ina


College for Professional Studies

Degree Name

MS Software and Information Systems

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Number of Pages

288 pages


Different tiers of modern applications are built using object-oriented programming for implementing business logic and the relational database model for data storage. To solve the impendence mismatch issue that arises between the object model and relational schema, various Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools have been designed. In this research, the performance of two open source ORM technologies, namely Hibernate and EclipseLink, is investigated. Hibernate is a well established middleware solution while EclipseLink, which stems from Oracle’s TopLink, is a new product on the persistence landscape. For the purpose of this research, a web-based application was developed and used as a test system. The performance test facilities were integrated into design of the application. The abstract layer introduced into application’s architecture with the Spring Data Access Object (DAO), made the system highly modular allowing easily switching between persistence technologies with no alterations in the rest of the application code.

Date of Award

Fall 2009

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado

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