Subtitle/Alternate Title

An Analysis on Current Criminological Theories and Female Offender Depiction

First Advisor

Susan Whitford


College of Contemporary Liberal Studies

Degree Name

MS Criminology

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

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Criminological theories construct the basis of criminology, as these theories are used to develop preventative and rehabilitative measures. These criminological theories are developed based on standardized testing and empirical research conducted by theorists within the field. At a glance, the theories developed should cover all forms of crimes conducted by a range of individuals. However, a review of the literature determined further analysis of criminological theories must be conducted. This study looks at theories that are most common within criminology and determine whether or not women are equally represented and depicted. By analyzing strain, labeling, biological, and social control theories, it can be determined that the gender gap that existed in the earlier stages of criminology still exists today.

Date of Award

Spring 2018