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Plantz-Masters, Shari


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MS Computer and Information Technology


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Thesis - Open Access

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85 pages


This thesis will introduce the history of knowledge management, knowledge management of today, and the benefits of knowledge management practices. As an example of the need for knowledge management practices, the many problems being experienced by Home Owner Association's (HOA's) will be discussed, and the many creative ways that knowledge management practices are used today will be shared. There are many organizations that could benefit from knowledge management practices, and there are many solutions that could be used. The characteristics of an organization in trouble and in need of knowledge management practices will begin to surface in the form of complaints. Usually the organization will not have a consistent or standard method of distribution and HOA's seem to fit the characteristics well. We only need to read the newspaper or watch the news on television to hear about all of the problems between HOA's and residents. There seems to be a common theme regarding residents not following the Covenants, Conditions and Restriction's (CC&R's). This is why I decided to use HOA's as an example of an organization that could benefit by using centralization and knowledge management practices. New technology and the Internet offer many opportunities to apply knowledge management practices to help solve HOA problems. State laws can motivate organizations to implement knowledge management practices as well. Currently, some states require the "seller" of association governed real estate to provide CC&R's to the buyer prior to closing. Often times, it is very difficult and time consuming to try and track down the CC&R's for the property in question. Usually it is the responsibility of the Real Estate Broker or Title Company to provide the CC&R's at closings. Centralization and knowledge management practices offer a solution to this problem. With an inability to easily secure up-to-date CC&R's by parties involved, this project will allow users to easily locate, view, and print, up-to-date covenants. This project will centralize all HOA CC&R's in any given city on one website, on the Internet. The centralization of covenants will benefit real estate brokers, title companies, HOA administrators, MLS providers, and residents of HOA communities.

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Spring 2008

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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