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Patricia Cullen

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Lora Claywell


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Thesis - Open Access

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43 pages


In nursing education, faculty do not have best practice guidelines or consistent methods for assessing learning outcomes. Specific variances include; test construction, delivery, and evaluation methods. DNP project, titled Improving Nursing Faculty Comprehension of Evaluation Methods, addressed the lack of consistent faculty evaluation methods, and based on research increased integration of evidenced based concepts into practice. The following PICO was used for the project statement: “In nursing faculty at a Midwestern associate degree program, what is the effect of an educational in-service regarding evaluation methods, compared to no intervention on outcomes of comprehension and confidence in the use of best practice guidelines for evaluation methods based on self-report?” In the literature review, the following nine themes emerged: faculty impact on student success, assessment strategies, test construction, administering exams, use of evidence, clinical evaluation, math evaluation, English as a second language student, and reflection to build critical thinking. Faculty at a Midwestern associate degree program attended an educational offering regarding the researched themes that serve as the independent variable. A quasi experimental pre/post-test design, was implemented to evaluate confidence, comprehension, and perceived ability to overcome barriers with evaluation methods. Cronbach’s Alpha determined internal consistency, therefore reliability with the survey tool. Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test was used to determine decreased confidence, increased comprehension and perceived ability to overcome barriers with evaluation methods. Finally, Spearman’s Rho concluded correlation between the independent variable, comprehension, and overcoming barriers for evaluation methods. Future studies should consider a larger sample size to validate findings. Key words: DNP Capstone project, learning assessment, and test construction.

Date of Award

Spring 2018

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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