First Advisor

John Giduck

Second Advisor

James Ponzi

Third Advisor

Vincent Wincelowicz


College of Contemporary Liberal Studies

Degree Name

MS Criminology

Document Type

Thesis - Open Access

Number of Pages

19 pages


Most people who commit crime fall into a classification of criminological, sociological or psychological disorders called biopsychosocial disorders. Cyber-crime is unique in the fact that, cyber criminals can commit crimes behind completely closed doors and they are virtually anonymous. This makes for a varied environment of theory on the causation of cyber-crimes. The proposed disorder theory, computer mediated anonymity asocial disordered theory, is based on the notion that the anonymous nature of electronic mediums in communication has significantly changed people’s interpersonal skills. The change in interpersonal development is therefore affecting social engagement behavior online and has allowed a lack of moral accountability, leading to an increase in cyber-crime.

Date of Award

Fall 2017

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado