Lori Kerley

First Advisor

Cullen, Patricia L.

Second Advisor

Claywell, Lora


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

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Doctor of Nursing Practice


Loretto Heights School of Nursing

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Thesis - Open Access

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78 pages


This student nurse advocacy capstone project was an evidence-based online educational intervention that focused on increasing the knowledge of the nursing staff that work with student nurses.
Exit interviews of employees that were student nurses conducted revealed that the unprofessional behavior of the clinical bedside staff lead to a 60 percent exit rate. The capstone project addressed this issue as well as answered this question: Will a formal advocacy educational offering to professional bedside clinicians result in a change in the recruitment and retention rates of student nurses that are currently employed at an urban hospital (UH) and enrolled in the School of Nursing Registered Nurse (SONRN) program? The current practice did not include an educational offering and the outcome was anticipated to increase the knowledge, self-efficacy, and perceived potential for advocacy of the bedside clinician working with student nurses.
Forge positive professional relationships between practicing bedside clinicians and student nurses. Change the recruitment and retention rates of SONRN student nurses that are employed at UH. Examine the correlation of perceived potential for advocacy as it relates to changes in RN self-efficacy with recruitment and retention rates of student nurses
To guide the standards for bedside clinicians’ professional conduct towards student nurses.
The need for this scholarly project was identified during a process improvement meeting concerning recruitment and retention of student nurses that work at UH. The organizational leadership was presented with a plan for the capstone proposal and supported the introduction of an educational intervention that was founded on evidence-based information from the nursing literature. The effectiveness of this intervention was based upon pre and post education survey data.
Outcomes and Results
The data analysis revealed statistical significance in t-test static between the mean pre-mastery and post-mastery quizzes scores. Statistical difference between pre and post GSE and SPPAT surveys. Correlations between tenure and the GSE as well as tenure and SPPAT scores noted practice implications warranting further investigation. The organization adopted the intervention as a training program for the student advocates.

Date of Award

Winter 2016

Location (Creation)

Denver, Colorado

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