Automation of software development metrics

Anthony J. Traino

Regis University, Dayton Memorial Library


This project examines an organization that lacks adequate metrics for the evaluation of quality software maintenance of a product. A database and software solution will be implemented in order to organize data and report significant information to management. Prior to the implementation of this database, inaccurate statistics have been reported and no relevant metrics have been established. The statistics that have been reported are superficial and unfiltered. The database and software solution to be implemented will be populated by an automated feed from three separate databases. Each of the databases contains information that is relevant to the metrics that will be defined. Once the database is populated, management will be able to run a report, called the Payroll Report Card. The establishment of this system will define the company’s metrics and will measure the true quality of the organization’s software changes. This will serve as a case study for software development organizations who seek to define metrics and improve quality with a limited budget. 1