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Robinson, Matthew

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Thompson, Edward W.


College for Professional Studies

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MS Computer and Information Technology


School of Computer and Information Sciences

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Thesis - Open Access

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101 pages


This project will research, analyze, design, and implement a computerized system that will assist patients in creating a personal diet plan based upon a "rotation diet." This diet, specifically designed for patients with severe food allergies, requires that a patient may only eat a particular food every n days (where n is any number), and foods from the same biological food family every n days. Currently, patients use either pen-and-paper or a computerized spreadsheet to create weekly or monthly food meal plans for the diet plan. The meal plans are usually transferred by hand to their daily or weekly shopping lists. There are three main problems with the current system. First, many patients complain that in order to make their meal plans simple enough to follow easily, they tend to eat the same foods in the same order each week, so their diets have become very plain and uninteresting. Second, patients frequently make mistakes on their meal plans relating to which foods belong to a given food family, which defeats the purpose of the "rotation" diet plan. Finally, hand transferring the meal plans to shopping lists is time consuming and often inaccurate. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a computerized system that will assist patients to make up a personalized diet plan that allows them to enjoy a broader range of meals, and also to quickly and accurately make up shopping lists for the meals.

Date of Award

Summer 2005

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Denver, Colorado

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