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Collins, Robert D.


College for Professional Studies

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Master of Arts


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Thesis - Open Access

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55 pages


There are a number of differences between generational groups as far as influences, technology, and preferences. The purpose of this research project can help determine if there are differences in motivations and preferences toward learning delivery methods, based on age groups. To determine this, a Likert scale survey was issued to seventy four college students via a Zoomerang online survey link. The respondents were only asked to display their age and were classified into one of four generational groups. The Likert scale helped determine preferences to online or traditional classroom training. In addition the respondents were asked to list frustrations that they had experienced in both online courses and traditional classroom settings. Participants were also surveyed on the convenience of online courses, experience working with other students, and how comfortable each was with the use of technology. The survey results indicated that most of the groups preferred traditional classroom training over online courses. In addition all of the generational groups responded that they learned best with a traditional classroom setting. Of these two items, Millennials (those born between 1981-1994) had the highest preference to classroom learning, and lowest preference to online learning.

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Spring 2008

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Denver, Colorado

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