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Collins, Robert

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Williams, Dorothy


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Master of Arts


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Thesis - Open Access

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This study was conducted at the adult college of a midsize private university in Colorado. The purpose of this research was to determine if underprepared students proved to be more successful after completing a remedial Basic English course. For this study, underprepared students were defined as those individuals who scored 49 points or less on their admission essay or did not complete the essay within three semesters. Success was defined as maintaining a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. This research was conducted with the intention of evaluating the success of undergraduate underprepared adult students. The target population included all new students who began classes in one of the 5 or 8 week sessions in the fall 2005. Of the 518 new students who began classes in the fall 2005, 171 were defined as underprepared. The underprepared student records from fall 2005 through the summer 2006 were retrieved and analyzed. Student names and numbers were eliminated from the data collection process to ensure anonymity. Surprisingly, the results of the study did not support the researcher"Ëœs hypothesis. Students who completed the Basic English course did not prove to be successful. However, those who did not complete the Basic English did prove to be successful. While the results did not support this researcher"Ëœs hypothesis, there were significant findings that came out of this study.

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Spring 2007

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Denver, Colorado

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