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Schmidt, Terry

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Jacobson, Susan


Regis College

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Regis College Senior Honors Program

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Thesis - Open Access

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100 pages


Sanctions will likely be a foreign policy tool that many countries will use more against each other in the future. Understanding them will be crucial to understand the complex political and economic relations of the world at any particular time. The first question this paper tries to explore is how sanctions work and how are they implemented by the countries that impose them. The second question at the core of this work is how sanctions are examined and evaluated; what framework is used to analyze the effectiveness of sanctions and by using this framework is it possible to make conclusions about the overall effectiveness and outcomes of the sanctions. The third component of this research looks at what sanctions say about the international political and economic polarity of a particular time period and how the framework used to evaluate any particular set of sanctions tells us how best to use sanctions to achieve the goals that were outlined at the beginning of the process of enforcing them.

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Spring 2014

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Denver, Colorado

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