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Upton, Gary


College for Professional Studies

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Master of Education


School of Education and Counseling

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Thesis - Open Access



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67 pages


From conception, the male and female brains develop differently. Due to these differences, current research shows methods of teaching should be examined and modified to accommodate both genders' learning needs. Educating teachers on the brain diversities between the genders is essential for opportunities in establishing a positive classroom atmosphere. In this project, the author has created an interactive workshop for new and experienced teachers to explore the vast differences between the male and female brain, and what those differences mean in the classroom. The interactive workshop will be a full day workshop where the teachers will be presented with facts on the brain differences and will develop ideas and techniques to better adapt teaching methods to serve both genders. The outcome of this study focuses on educating teachers on brain differences, strengthening their realization of the need for classroom accommodations for each gender, as well as to encourage them to modify their teaching practices.

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Fall 2009

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Denver, Colorado

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