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Howe, J. Thomas


Betz, Joan


Regis College

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Regis College Senior Honors Program

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Thesis - Open Access

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73 pages


This thesis will delve into the world of Ayn Rand and how the concepts of her philosophy, objectivism, can be employed to understand education, specifically science education, in the U.S. The thesis will begin with an explanation of objectivism which will include brief, biographical components of Rand's life. Continuing on, I will discuss the No Child Left Behind Act, the student-teacher relationship, and the integration of subjects in classrooms. With a chapter for each of these components, my thesis will discuss what these components look like in the current U.S. educational system and what Rand would have to say about the way the system exists in regard to these components. I will argue that the No Child Left Behind Act does not serve the autonomy of the individual students, that student-teacher relationships are necessary to build the student's education, and that integration of subjects in schools is both effective and necessary.

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Fall 2010

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Denver, Colorado

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