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My interest in Peak Oil theory was sparked by an eccentric friend of mine about two years ago. He lived next to an unusually deep lake and wanted to know if I thought it would be smart to buy up a few hundred barrels of oil and store them in his lake and then sell them later for a profit. He then proceeded to tell me that pretty soon, the production of oil would peak, decline, and all hell would break loose as the world ran out of oil. While this individual was prone to talking about conspiracy theories regarding topics like the super-rich pulling the wool over the every-man's eyes and exploiting them financially or the real culprits behind the September 11th attacks, this particular theory about Peak Oil seemed particularly crazy to me. If the world was going to run out of gas, why are we using so much of it? I immediately dismissed the theory and the conversation. He rarely brought up the topic again, though I know that his interest never waned as I repeatedly caught him reading the forums at

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Spring 2009

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Denver, Colorado

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