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Plumley, Byron

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I know that my exploration of a topic as broad and multi-faceted as privilege is only a small beginning, but the attempt is necessary in order to make sense of the following chapters on encountering difference and solidarity. Linda L. Black, David A. Stone, Susan R. Hutchinson, and Elisabeth C. Suarez, co-authors of an article published by the American Counseling Association provide a multi-element definition of privilege:"Five core components provide the definition of this concept. First, privilege is a special advantage; it is neither common nor universal. Second, privilege is granted, not earned or brought into being by one's individual effort or talents. Third, privilege is a right or entitlement that is related to a preferred status or rank. Fourth, privilege is exercised for the benefit of the recipient and to the exclusion or detriment of others. Finally, a privileged status is often outside of the awareness of the person possessing it"

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Spring 2011

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Denver, Colorado

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