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The importance of the rainforest spans beyond the reach of species richness. As global warming carries on, the tropical rainforest supplies twenty per cent of the world's oxygen (Taylor, 1996). The tropical rainforest, coined the "Earth's Lungs" by some environmentalists (Greenpeace International of Brazil, 2006), carries special pertinence to global climatic patterns. Fearnside (2005) reported that the Amazon Basin, once thought to recycle fifty per cent of its water, actually recycles twenty to thirty per cent; while this may seem to somehow decrease the value of water recycling throughout the basin, it actually implies that some vapor escapes into other regions. He noted that some of the water vapor enters the Pacific (travelling to Columbia), while other vapor reaches through Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. Some of the vapor even travels across the Atlantic, and into southern Africa. The presence of this water vapor then affects the hydrological system on a global, rather than regional, scale.

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Spring 2009

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