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McGuire, Maureen


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

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MS Health Services Administration

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Thesis - Open Access

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73 pages


The current nursing shortage in the United States has the potential to become a major public health crisis (US Department, 2004). In recent years, a trend has developed that demonstrates a lack of interest on the part of young adults aged fifteen to eighteen years old towards nursing careers (Hoke, 2006). This research examines the attitudes and perceptions of young people, aged fifteen to eighteen years old; towards the field of nursing. The Methodology used to answer the research question was a survey tool developed by the author. The survey was created using the survey development site, Zoomerang©. Following IRB approval, the survey was piloted and then made available to the target population via the social networking site, Facebook©. Descriptive statistics were run on the 223 total responses received. The results of the survey suggest that students in the target population have a positive view towards nursing and may see it as a very lucrative career option; however, it does not seem as if they are being provided with the necessary information they might need to make the decision to become a nurse. The methodology for this study was very effective and provides a great opportunity for future research to be done. The hope is that this study will open doors for additional research to be done in the future, and that it will also spark an interest and possibly change the way that administrators and others think about and act upon recruiting young people towards the profession. Providing students with the necessary information and resources to make career decisions will impact the lives of future generations for many years to come.

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Fall 2008

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Denver, Colorado

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