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DiSanto, Ronald

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Bowie, Thomas


Regis College

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Regis College Senior Honors Program

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Thesis - Open Access

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55 pages


As a student of philosophy, and a would-be philosopher myself, it pains me to understand my passion as useless in the eyes of the greater community. People regard philosophy as a self-righteous, circuitous, never ending debate over semantics reserved solely for old, white, male academics and arm-chair thinkers. It pains me to understand philosophy, one of the oldest (and formerly, most revered) subjects of study, currently cast aside as a frippery. Thus, I have found a deep, and what I believe, noble quest. I shall ride in to save my love, my damsel in despair, from this post-modern dragon, and slay the conception that philosophy has done nothing for the common man. I shall urge my brothers and sisters of today to stand up and demand that philosophy be savored again. 'Tis not the Sophists that I rally against, but the conception of a philosopher king. Philosophy is not only for kings, but rather is the tool to make us all kings-- kings of our minds.

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Spring 2008

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Denver, Colorado

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