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Duggan, Tom

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Gosselin, Abigail


Regis College

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Regis College Senior Honors Program

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Thesis - Open Access

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Of the perennial issues that philosophers argue over, few have been quite as perennial as the problem of the Mind. The nature of the debate often comes in two flavors. One style, well call it the dualist concoction, states that there is a fundamental difference between what we call the mind and what we call the body. The body, appropriately, is the physical vessel which carries us through this world and allows us to interact with it. However, that which guides the body and the "thinking" part of it, the mind, is something that is at once highly complex and intensely unique to the human species, but necessarily separate from the body. Oftentimes the mind is conceived as an entirely different type of substance from the body, in some cases inhabiting a different world altogether. I don't have the time or the knowledge necessary to address all of the fodder that dualists can muster, so I will focus on the classical evolution of dualism that began with Renee Descartes.

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Spring 2006

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Denver, Colorado

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