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Collins, Robert D.


College for Professional Studies

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Master of Arts


School of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Thesis - Open Access

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80 pages


Nerburn (1999) writes how the European-American attitude for dominance is now confronting its results by people being out of balance with the Earth. He states that the future of our planet depends on restoring that balance. This project addresses the social and environmental issues of concern that affect humanity and the Earth and offers possible solutions through education. This project will present prehistoric culture and its art for students' enlightenment with the aim of impacting their consciousness so they may regain a social and environmental relationship with their community and with the Earth. A review of literature provides information about the Upper Paleolithic period and its art for reference. The goals for this project are to bring awareness to students, offer possible solutions for change, and help promote that change by creating a teaching tool of interest. This teaching tool will be in a PowerPoint presentation utilizing Upper Paleolithic art and narration to the images to share with students. The art expresses the ideas of fundamental values, the natural unity, the cosmic unity, and the emphasis on life Upper Paleolithic people seemed to experience. A discussion evaluating the presentation's effectiveness concludes the project.

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Summer 2010

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Colorado (state); Denver (county); Denver (inhabited place)

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