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Nims, Michael


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MS Software and Information Systems


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Thesis - Open Access

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Devplex Technologies Limited is a privately owned company based in Galway Ireland. They have been operating for over two years and currently undertake contract projects for the travel and financial industries. The projects are varied and a wide range of skills are necessary. Devplex Technologies are currently undergoing expansion and intend to hire a number of new employees with varying levels of experience. Devplex Technologies also employ a high number of contractors, with varying skills and contract periods range from one month to twenty four months. The current technical leaders are all very busy with project work. The human resource manager actively advertises positions on both the internet and local newspapers which results in a large number of responses. It is difficult to sort through all the applicants as a high level of technical knowledge is required to vet them. When the human resource (HR) manager selects a number of potential candidates from the vetted curriculum vitas, phone interviews are conducted. The HR manger pools questions which have been submitted from employees who have experience in the relevant technologies. The HR manager has to decide if the candidate's answers are satisfactory for the questions. The most successful candidates are then requested to attend a formal interview. Once a candidate presents for interview they are requested to take a short 10 minute written exam where they are asked to answer five questions relevant to the position they are applying for. Regardless of the outcome of the exam the candidate then proceeds to a formal interview where two or more employees from Devplex Technology interview the candidate and take note of their findings. Once the candidate has left the interview, the HR manager and interviewers meet to discuss the exam and interview and decide if the candidate should be brought for a second interview. If the candidate's second interview is successful the candidate is hired. Devplex Technology interviews a high number of unsuccessful candidates resulting in wasted time and effort. Sometimes employees who are not technically strong enough can be erroneously hired. Devplex Technology wishes to reduce this workload and hire more suitable people by implementing an enterprise based candidate assessment system. The system should allow the remote assessment of potential candidates. It should also allow the HR manager to easily retrieve questions and answers on a selected topic. The system should test the candidates only on subjects which apply to the role they are hired for, the questions should progressively get harder as the candidate gets more questions correct, this will allow for a truly strong candidate achieve the highest score. The overall aim of the system is to reduce workload and help find the best possible candidate for Devplex Technologies.

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Summer 2007

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Denver, Colorado

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