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Henderson, Russell


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Master of Education


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Thesis - Open Access



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92 pages


The author in this project presents research on: (a) handheld technology in the classroom, (b) challenges of handheld technology, (c) pedagogical benefits of handheld technology in the classroom, and (d) methods of technology implementation. The utilization of handheld technology in the classroom improves students' learning of concepts and skills. A major concern of the educator is that, with the use of technology, students will bypass the bridge to genuine understanding, and instead obtain a relatively effortless solution to standard problems through technology aids, while they present the appearance of mastery of a concept. However, research indicates that technology, when implemented effectively, expands student learning and alleviates teachers' concerns about whether or not the technology gives a false impression of the students having mastered material. This information on handheld technology was dispersed to math and science educators through a Power Point presentation. The images of the Power Point presentation as well as the activities completed by the educators during the inservice are included in this project.

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Fall 2006

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Denver, Colorado

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